Package dev.roanh.gmark.conjunct.cpq

package dev.roanh.gmark.conjunct.cpq
  • Class
    CPQ modelling the concatenation of a number of CPQs (also known as the join operation).
    Defines a conjunct that has a CPQ as its inner query.
    Interface for conjunctive path queries (CPQs).
    CPQ modelling a single label traversal.
    Generator for CPQs (Conjunctive Path Queries).
    CPQ modelling the identity CPQ.
    CPQ modelling the intersection between CPQs (also known as the conjunction operation).
    Object representing the query graph of a CPQ.
    Represents a directed edge in a CPQ query graph.
    Represents a set of possible mappings for attributes that were processed in the past, but will not be seen again in future tree nodes.
    Represents a pair of vertices used for identity processing.
    Object used to store partial mapping required for the query homomorphism testing algorithm.
    Shared base interface for query graph elements.
    A row instance represents a single potential homomorphism mapping for a partial map.
    Represents a vertex in a CPQ query graph.
    Describes a workload of CPQ queries to generate.